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New Requirement For Ballot Access Related Filings by Mail Or Overnight Delivery Service

On March 27, 2019, the State Board of Elections issued new requirements for petition related filings by mail.

Please note: for those who file by mail or overnight delivery service with the State Board of Elections or a board of elections outside of the City of New York, such a filing shall be deemed timely filed and accepted for filing if:  (i) the filing is sent by mail or approved overnight delivery service in an envelope postmarked or showing receipt by the overnight delivery service prior to the midnight of the last day of the filing, and (ii) such filing is also actually received by the board of elections no later than two business days after the last day to file.  If both of these requirements are not met, the filing is fatally defective as provided by NYS Election Law § 1-106.

To see pdf of the the whole document click here.

State/Local Primary is June 25, 2019

Polls open noon until 9 p.m.

Previously the State and Local Primary was in September, and the Federal Primary was in June.  A recent bill passed in Albany has moved the Primary to June, so that in years when there is a Federal Primary, we won’t have to have two separate elections.